Trump & Republicans continue to put money and power over the peoples safety and lives.

Indiana Republican Rep , Trey Hollingsworth says loosing lives isn't as important as economy.

During a Pandemic Republicans force the People of Wisconsin to Vote. They refused to change the date or extend the dead line.

Wisconsin voters showed there disappointment and anger with Republicans and voted Democrat.

Republicans are doing it again to Wisconsin Voters in May.

Total BullS**T


Kansas Governor does the right thing closing down non essential businesses, gatherings and more. Republicans over rule gatherings allowing them to happen with Easter Sunday coming. This putting all the people & children in serious danger and the spread of the virus.

Arkansas Mayors put orders in place matching other states for the Governor (Republican) to over rule them and return everything back to the old normal.

Mitch McConnell says states should not get Federal help financially and says they may have to file Bankruptcy. This comes from McConnell who's state is a take money state every year donates nothing to the Federal Fund.

Gëorgia's Governor Brian Kemp was late to close the state and is already reopening businesses that are not to be considered until phase 3 in a state that does not even meet requirements to be at phase 1.

Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis whom cant even put a mask on correctly classified WWE as a essential business. He was late to close the state and is already reopening. 

NO State that is currently reopening is even close to being at phase 1.  Phase 1 does not include movie theaters, bowling and more. that would be phase 3 or even 4.

REPUBLICANS continue to show there complete disregard for human life and safety over money and power.

Republicans doing these things need to be held accountable for every single person that gets the virus or dies. This should start wih Trump ignoring the advice and down playing Covid 19 for months.

Every one of these things are reckless, dangerous and just completely F**king Stupid.


Trump continues to claim that the U.S. was having its best economy in history. Trump needs to realize that this was not because of him. President Obama & his administration put todays economy in motion. Trump sat on his ass and took a free ride.  

TRUMP continues to fire people from there jobs/position in Government that could see and report  any of his Unethical/Illegal use of office. The Inappropriate/Illegal use of Tax Payer Money (Stimulus).

The biggest problem with someone whom thinks there smart but arent. 

They think everyone cant see whats really going on.

Trump continues to call it fake news. When the news has has a video of things said, done or happening, actual documents, recordings and interviews. Its fake when its something true about Trump. 

Trump says supplies being delivered all over, then you see live interviews with medical staff in many different places saying they dont have enough, walk outs for this and staff loosing there lives.

I dont know about you, but I am believing the news and people they interview over Trump and Administration

The blame game. Trump blames the news, Democrats, World Health Organization and more. As typical its every body else's fault for Covid 19, how its impacted the USA.  As President he should have seen China. If he was actually as smart as he thinks he is then he should have reacted without anyone telling him nothing. But this didn't happen and it didn't happen when warned.  This leaves 3 possibilities, doesn't care about the American People or just F*****G Stupid or Both.  

Regardless not good qualities for a President.

Trump says mail voting is bad, yet did it himself. 

Every single American that is legal to vote and wants to vote should be able to in person or mail in ballot. Not everyone wants to go in person or can. Regardless its there legal right.

Trump refuses to help the United States Postal Service.  First of all its tax payer money, not Trumps. Second Trump fears that mail in voting reduces Republicans success. Is the refusal to help the USPS a attempt to stop or slow mail in ballots or is it a alternative motive to privatize it?

Whatever the motive is you can bet that it helps Trump in someway in his mind.

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